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I saw Goosebumps last nightI doubt I loved it up to exam help fan of the book series might have, but I enjoy Jack Black in the rest quiz help I enjoy any story where horror gets exam help light touchthe paranormal is typically handled with such darkness in films. I also saw the re boot of Fantastic FourI wondered at exam help re make of such exam help recent film, but then I remembered the usual had Chris Evans playing Johnny Storm quiz help hes now obliged exam help play Captain America in the full tapestry of Marvel movies. The good news is that this new cast allows for exam help meeting of Fantastic Four quiz help the Avengers in some future free for all Marvel moviewouldnt that be cool?DC Comics is making up for lost time with their new WB series Legends of Tomorrow quiz help the imminent film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Marvel has done exam help great job of translating their comics library into films, but DC has made more inroads into the television series variant quiz help the animated films I also watched a superb lively Wonder Woman yesterdayin exam help way, DC is more true exam help form in that comic books are for kids, quiz help TV series on the WB quiz help animated films are more kid centric, where Marvel sticks exam help live action cinematic realizations meant examination help cover all age demographics. I favorite DC Comics as exam help kid in the sixtiesbut now that Im sixty myself, I lean towards the Marvel efforts.