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Pay Me To Do ExamI was hoping when the data is graphed, that the slope of the line for the beaker with out the disc of material could be steeper then the slope of the road of the beaker with the disc of cloth placed between the beaker quiz help hot plate. 1 Students could be given safety glasses, an eyedropper, food coloring, set of colored pencils, two hot plates, two thermometers, an oven mitt, two beakers filled with same volume of water, exam help mechanism for holding the thermometers in place quiz help exam help disc of material. 2 Students will place one beaker on without delay on one hot plate. Students will place the disc of fabric on the highest of the second hot place quiz help place the second one beaker on top of this disc. 3 Students will then set up each thermometer into the water so that just the bottom of the thermometer is submerged below the surface of the water. 5 Students will then use the eyedropper exam help carefully place one drop of food coloring on the bottom of every beaker, as exam help way of tracking the water’s flow. Forecasting helps make choices through the use of macroforecasts of the usual financial recreation as inputs for his or her microforecasts of the industrys quiz help firms demand quiz help sales. Forecasting helps decide exam help firms advertising and marketing method, production needs, sales forecast, quiz help helps predict monetary needs reminiscent of cash flow, earnings, quiz help external financing. Furthermore, it helps make non-public based selections, in addition to assist for the long term future of the firm Salvatore, 2012. b Forcasting types range from pricey exam help economical, as well as simple examination help complex. Forecasting options can be qualitative, quiz help others can be quantitative. Salvatore focuses on qualitative forecasts.