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Take MY ExamThis allows exam help larger readiness exam help handle emergency instances quiz help enhance riding circumstances. 8/13/2012 8/13/2012Vehicle Rear Green Signal LightsAndrey Andreev Albuquerque, NM USAViews: 135Votes: 1Transportation Jun 25, 2012Vehicle Rear Green Signal LightsIndicating Vehicle Acceleration by Turning On when the Accelerator Pedal is DepressedMy idea is examination help comprise extra rear green acceleration signal lights into already present block of vehicle hind lights. Additional rear green acceleration signal lights are turned on automatically when the accelerator pedal is depressed quiz help exam help vehicle accelerates. This new characteristic gives the behind vehicles a further examination help the rear red brake quiz help other rear signal lights very critical guidance concerning the in front vehicles dynamics quiz help its intentions. Another advantage may come from getting exam help better understanding of in front automobiles collective dynamics while riding in closely loaded site visitors on busy roads. One may truly appreciate those parts of the ahead road where many cars either concurrently accelerate, that is indicated by exam help river of the rear green lights, or slowdown, that’s indicated by exam help river of the rear red lights.